Kiitos syyskuu!

Thank you September!

After a wonderful summer, August went by getting used to the everyday rhythm of autumn again. In September, we already went with the old routine.

We children have hobbies almost every evening and quiet family evenings are rare. Fortunately, I have also been able to move around with autumn, which helps me cope with everyday life. We also celebrated my mother's birthday in the wonderful scenery of Teijo, and our five-year-old cousins ​​also had a great time tramping the nature trails.

In addition, I've had time to do much more crafts than during the entire Kirpu's existence! It felt really good. Little by little, Christmas and the related crafts are starting to come to mind...

As for Kirpu, we have thought a lot about the addition of products and at least so far we have only received good feedback about the product addition days that have started. And the days of addition have also been seen by us in wild numbers of orders and customers. It's wonderful when there's enough work 💕

In addition, we want to develop our seller services. In connection with that, we have asked you for answers in the AUTUMN QUESTIONNAIRE . The survey is open throughout this month and among all participants we will award one of the Kässä Kirppu myi service (terms of sale apply).

Thank you if you had time to fill out the survey! How has your autumn started? Has autumn brought new crafts for needles, school or under the needle?

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