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What is Kässä Flea?

We sometimes get interested inquiries from you customers, what exactly is Kässä Kirppu and how does it work? Attached is a little clarification on these questions :)

Kässä Kirppu is an online flea market for craft supplies , which means that all the products we sell are your craftspeople's own unwanted products. Handicraft supplies, such as fabrics and threads, are generally not reusable, but are e.g. materials for making clothes. This is why our products are recycled, but unused. Isn't it a great combination! 🤩

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Why Kässe Flea?

But what is new and wonderful about Kässe Kirppu now? After all, there are numerous Facebook groups or similar communities for selling your own products. Even though these are great ways to sell your own unnecessary craft supplies and materials, the seller often has to see an unreasonable amount of effort. Below are the reasons why selling and buying at Kässe Kirpu is simply a better option.

  • Ease

    No preliminary reservations, price offers, answering questions, agreeing on payments, describing products, exchanging contact information, packing shipments, sending shipments... From the buyer's point of view, it's wonderful that the product goes to the person who bought it first!

  • Privacy

    Not everyone wants to sell products under their own name. Through Kässe Kirpu, you can sell completely anonymously and your name will not be shown anywhere unless you want to.

  • Payment security

    Paying at Käsä Kirpu is safe and you can use all the most common payment methods (e.g. online banks, card payments, MobilePay). As a seller, you don't have to worry about payments at all!

  • Wide customer base

    You don't have to worry about marketing your products, we take care of it! We use multiple marketing and advertising channels to reach just the right audience and we are constantly growing!

Are you looking for treasures?

Buying at Käsä Kirpu is easy! Our online store works just like any other online store. You find products that interest you, add them to the shopping cart and pay at the checkout. Paying with us is safe and you can use all the most common payment methods (e.g. online banks, card payments, MobilePay).

When you buy products from Kässä Kirpu, you don't have to worry about whether you are buying products from one or several sellers. We deliver all the products to you in one package and of course with one postage fee 😄

Our sellers' products always automatically go on sale after a certain time, so you can always find cheap products. You can start your treasure hunt in Alelaar , for example, or look at All products.


Or do you want to sell your own products?

If you want to sell your own craft supplies in Käsä Kirpu's online store, you have two options: Käsä Kirppu sells OR I sell it myself .

In the easiest way, you just need to send your product to us and track the sales! 😄 See detailed instructions on the Become a seller page.

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