Käs Fleas

Kässe behind Kirpu is us, that is, Sofia and Toni.

Briefly presented, Kässe Kirppu is Finland's first online flea market for craft materials.

The idea for the flea was born from Sofia's own needs. When we got started, we have tried to develop our activities so that all craft enthusiasts have the opportunity for easy recycling and the opportunity to find affordable treasures.

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Here's Kirpu's Mission

"Give forgotten materials a new chance - We guarantee high quality and ecology so you don't have to worry."

Why are we doing this?

We originally founded Kässe Kirpu to recycle Sofia's surplus craft materials. Since its founding, Kässe Kirpu has become a workplace, a community and, in a certain way, an ideology. The great joy, relaxation and benefits of making handicrafts inspire our activities!

We want to offer you the opportunity to buy and sell materials ecologically and with respect for the environment. In the craft community, we want to collect and share ideas and tips for more sustainable crafts, repairing and reusing textiles.

  • Cardboard boxes

    We use recycled cardboard boxes and packaging materials whenever possible. We use them both for storage and for packing shipments.

    We hope you won't be upset if you receive your order in a cardboard box that has already been used once. The content is still full of treasures!❤️

  • Ecological threads

    We have also included a few retail products in our selection. The products are carefully selected and of course support the values ​​of Kässe Kirpu.

    The yarns are either domestic wool or partly made from recycled material.

    We have, for example, yarn made from denim leftovers😮

    Check out the ecological yarns 
  • Käs Flea

    Born from Sofia's idea, Kässä Kirppu is also not a small thing in the field of recycling😉

    We have already had an absolutely wonderful trip! Hopefully, we will be able to continue to develop our operations and help hundreds or even thousands of craft enthusiasts to recycle.

Are you in?

Take steps with us towards a lifestyle that...

🍀 Do not consume more than can be produced

🍀 Supports sustainable ways, where we first use what already exists, without throwing it away

🍀 Encourages sustainable crafts, reuse and repair

🍀 Shifts the focus from carefree consumption to sustainable development

Be part of the change with us!😊

You are the most important to us!

The customer is at the center of our operations. Your opinion, experience and ideas are the most important to us. You are in contact with us even if you feel that your matter is not important. We still want to hear it😊

customer service@kassakirppu.fi

Message me! Roses are wonderful and twigs help us to heal if something has gone wrong.