Sadas tilaus ja oikein ihanaa joulunaikaa! 

Hundredth order and have a wonderful Christmas season!

Power phrases are my secret vice! You always get inspiration and strength from them, but I'm a little ashamed of them... Every now and then, some dreams come true. Without forgetting all the work done, it sometimes goes unnoticed 😉

I got the idea for Kässe Kirppu last summer. The idea produced a nice little bubbling in the stomach and the thought that at least I could use such a service myself (and I have). Even in my wildest dreams, however, I never thought that Kässe Kirppu would have received so much attention at the end of the year. Great sellers who want to make room in their home and wonderful customers who make finds. What has warmed our hearts the most is that we have several returning customers! A few of our sellers have found the Kässä Kirpu seller service to work so well that they have sent us a new lot to sell before all the old ones have had time to sell. We also have many returning customers who have re-ordered yarns, fabrics or accessories. Diamonds are those who have both sold and ordered products sold by others.

And it was really true that we received our HUNDREDTH order! We were so excited about it that we slipped a little surprise into the package for the customer 😍 I still got a little over it and slipped the Christmas greeting into a few other packages as well, with Toni rolling her eyes next to her 😅 But that's how it goes with us... We both complement each other and smooth out the extremes of the other!

We finished the survey and the draw was completed! We notified the winner of the draw personally. A big thank you to everyone who participated!!! We will return to the results of the survey from the beginning of the year in our own article and we will also announce the results in the newsletter.

The newsletter has still been a bit under development, but we have been working in that area for the past few weeks as well and we aim to become more active right from the beginning of the year. We send newsletter subscribers a short "Welcome" series, the purpose of which is to tell everyone who is interested in us a little about the background of Kässe Kirpu, as well as the basics of how selling and buying works with us. Of course, we've been asked a lot if we could also notify about new product additions by email, and can't we find a way to do that too 😉

Every new customer or new follower on insta and face warms up nicely. The only thing that makes me sad about Käsä Kirpu is the lack of time spent on it. We both have day jobs and we make Kässä Kirppu on the side... The idea that we could do more of this is a dream!

I'm with my own girls on Christmas vacation at a cottage with relatives. I thought that there wouldn't be much Kirppu work to be done, but the machine went along. And so even on the eve, new products were added to the shop. There is something calming about being able to do work that you like and completely on your own terms. It was not necessary to add those products this evening! I messaged Toni again about what has been done and the answer is that the products have been photographed at home and the next seller's products are ready to be added without my finishing touches 😂

Käsä Kirppu wishes you all a very Merry Christmas 💖 I hope you have time to do exactly what you want!

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