Uusien tuotteiden lisäykseen muutoksia

Changes to the addition of new products


We Kirput have noticed that many regular customers visit the online store almost every day to see if new treasures have been added to the store. Although it is absolutely wonderful, we were left wondering if we could somehow better inform about the new additions. Now we have added new products to the store several times a week and we haven't announced it separately... We don't want your e-mail and social media channels to be filled with our announcements to the point of chaos🙄 We feverishly thought about a solution to this and came up with the following...

In the future, we will publish new products twice a month, i.e. every two weeks. As a rule, the releases are at the beginning and middle of the month, but we always announce the exact dates in advance on the New products page. In addition, we also announce publications on social media and in the newsletter. As a newsletter subscriber, you may even get a small sneak peek at new products, but we are still considering this and working on it. So you should order the newsletter at the bottom of the page😉

From the fleas' point of view, the change also brings clarity and directness to product handling, publication, discounts and billing to sellers. In addition, we are able to inform sellers in advance of the exact processing time of the products and the day they will be added to the sale.

Hopefully this new model will bring relief to all of us. Please leave your comments below so we know if the direction is right or if we are going completely into the woods😅

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Sari Eskuri-Hellman

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