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The first week behind the opening of the online store. The support and interest we have received has exceeded our wildest expectations. Now we're just trying to keep our feet on the ground and our heads in the clouds so that we can continue to press the same pattern. Thank you to each and every one of you!

I added yarns to the shop and started thinking that it would be good to introduce us and tell a little about where Kässä Kirppu started.

Briefly introduced, behind Kässä Kirpu are us: Sofia and Toni. The flea story started from Sofia's idea and enthusiasm for crafts. Toni has brought information technology expertise with him. The most important thing in our team is brainstorming, discussion and mutual support and encouragement.

As a rule, this blog will be written by me, Sofia, but maybe sometimes I can get Toni to say a word...

Sofia and the idea to Kässe Kirppu

I am a mother of a new family who loves handicrafts, whose daily routines and work as a health nurse are counterbalanced by wonderful threads, fabrics and handicrafts (sometimes a little too much, if you ask my husband).

My own handicraft enthusiasm started after the birth of my first child. It has only grown and developed since then. I even tried business name sewing for a while! The biggest source of my enthusiasm and the mainstay of my motivation have been active craft people and groups. The spirit of craft groups is definitely always to encourage and teach everyone, the skills of others are admired and lessons are shared without hesitation. Community is something where I feel at home, even if I haven't been active or accomplished anything for a while.

The everyday life of the new family under the common roof is more than a year and there is too little space. We are looking for a new joint home and the old one should be sold... But all that stuff! We got a warehouse to use and most of the stuff that was taken there was my craft supplies!!! Especially threads and fabrics…HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!? In the end, however, I understood that if we want to get the apartment in presentation condition, the corners should be emptied.

View of the top shelf of the dressing room - fabrics and threads were everywhere.
Way too much!

Small, broken or unused clothes could easily be taken away either for recycling or at various flea markets... Either you take care of everything yourself or you let others take care of the presentation and sales of the products for a fee. It didn't seem natural to me to take my own craft supplies to a regular flea market. I was hoping that someone as eager would find them through a service specifically aimed at crafts... There are groups on Facebook where craft supplies are sold, but most of them are only aimed at certain types of goods, e.g. fabrics. Can't you really find a craft flea market?

After a few weeks of reflection, I decided to try to see if there would be interest in such a craft flea. I have knowledge of craft supplies and my husband has technical know-how. And here we are... the online store is open! Right from the first days, I have received enormously positive feedback. I still have a lot of faith in that group of craft people, from whom I have received so much so far. Hoping that I can also create something new and necessary for all of you with a good service. Happy with the support and help I've received so far, I'm planning some surprises for you too. The grand opening will be held in a week, so stay tuned😉

- Sofia

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