Kuinka paljon on riittävästi?

How much is enough?

We have spent the last couple of weeks preparing for the arrival of a new life by organizing our home for a new faith. Even during the Christmas holidays we talked about painting our old bedroom, but luckily it didn't happen! Now our adults' (and baby's) bedroom moved downstairs... And my youngest daughter would hardly have appreciated the dark gray shade I chose for her own walls. Instead, Panda made the room feel like its own 🐼

We have lived in our current home for more than a year and still many things have not been done due to the busy everyday life. For example, the curtains have only been hung in one room so far 🫣This is more due to the fact that the previous resident took the curtain rods with him and we also had to decide on the method of hanging the curtains 😅
Now, however, we've been a little intermittently trying to put four bedrooms into the new faith and at the same time go through things. In one of the wardrobes, there were still unopened boxes from the move... So really necessary stuff!
During this project, I have once again noticed the shocking amount of stuff we have at home! The question is constantly running through my mind: How much is enough?
Of course, a lot is necessary and useful... But each of us residents has a lot of extra stuff that we never use. Or in my case, a lot of extra craft materials, which I might not have time to use in my entire life.
Some of us are more organized than others...
Together, we have tried to get rid of things in the middle of the renovation and find the right place for them. Handicraft materials go into circulation through Kirpu, all broken ones are thrown in the trash, we only put some of the children's toys on display and some go into storage, so that we can sometimes play with "new" toys again. Of course, some will also go into circulation in other ways... A flea table would certainly be necessary, but there is not enough time and energy for that yet.
Unfortunately, in the midst of cutting back on goods, we have also had to make purchases. Fortunately, we've made great finds in the tori.fi service when it comes to furniture... And we've also gotten all the accessories and clothes needed for the baby either recycled or bought at a flea market. But it inevitably increases the amount of stuff in our house!
Do you have any tips for managing the amount of goods? I personally follow @laura_holmstrom_ and @kiiraorganizing on insta, and I have picked up many good habits and tips from there!

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Yleensä neuvotaan järjestelemään tietyt tavarat tiettyyn paikkaan. Mutta jos sitä tilaa ei ole. Taiteellisena tyyppinä mulla pitää olla kaikki saatavilla ja usein se on jonkun mielestä sotku. Ja jos löytää sopivan kalusteen mihin tarvikkeet mahtuu. Vaatteet ja muut usein pysyy järjestyksessä mutta työtila ei. Paras minusta on se mihin itse on tyytyväinen ettei tarvitsekkaan olla yltiö siistiä. Että näyttää asutulta. Käsityötarvikkeita ei koskaan ole liikaa koska silloin kun isnpiraatio tulee se tietty pitää olla saatavilla ja juurikin jos teet sen löydön joka on kiva. Käyttöä löydölle voi tulla vasta myöhemmin..


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