Next week, I have the first day of the professional diploma training in entrepreneurship. The training has a new theme and focuses on digital marketing and online shopping. That is, to those things of ours! The training is organized by YSAO and Intoo training. I look forward to the training days. I hope to be able to open up the process of studying and entrepreneurship here on the blog side.

Before the first remote day, we complete an independent study section on working in business roles. The section is 30 competence points in size and includes three homework assignments. The first task concerns the company's quality goals and the presentation was given quite a bit of freedom! I think it is important for the company's quality goals to be transparent, so I will implement the task in a few blog posts.

Käsä Kirpu's quality goals are divided into the quality of the products sold, the service offered, and the quality of customer service

Our goal is that the products that end up for sale are of high quality and are photographed and described in the text as accurately as possible, so that it is easy for the customer to buy the products. We do our best for high-quality pricing that serves both the seller and the buyer. It is also important for the customer to know that it is possible to return the ordered products if they do not meet expectations.

I myself have learned the trade as a craftsman. Along the way, I have accumulated a good amount of information, but there are constantly new techniques and materials, which I seek more information about, and on the other hand, I get information from the wonderful craft community. In my opinion, the best places to ask are Facebook's craft groups, where issues are very actively discussed. The groups are also often large, so there is a high probability of finding information there.

We want the service to be good for both our sellers and the customers who buy their products. For sellers, service quality means the best possible sales and the right pricing of products. Our goal is for the seller to be able to monitor sales as real-time as possible and to repatriate the proceeds reliably. For this, I would hope that we could develop our own software completely, because at the moment we rely on purchased software and it cannot fulfill all our wishes. Finally, perhaps most importantly, the seller must be able to easily decide what happens to the unsold products after the sale is over.

One of the most important things for our company and for us personally is customer contacts. This is very different in an online store than in a brick-and-mortar store. We think a lot about how to make our personality visible in communication. However, the most interesting are the moments when we get to talk with customers on their initiative! It's wonderful to talk with craft people, to hear their opinions. The craft industry is also such that there is always something new to learn. What better way to learn than from another more skilled creator. I feel that I am at the very beginning in the world of craft materials, accessories and techniques. Problem situations are also a challenge, which we hope to overcome in such a way that we can make the customer satisfied and return to the store, even though we initially failed.

We would love to hear feedback and especially suggestions for improvement!

In future posts, I will consider sustainable development and the company's ethical operations.

❤️: Sofia

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