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Product filtering makes it easier to find the products you are looking for

Large product collections make it difficult to find

Kässä Kirpu's online store is a little different from the so-called regular online stores. We only have individual pieces of almost all of our products, and therefore products are added constantly and at a fast pace.

Due to the fast rate of addition, it is not possible to categorize the products very precisely and some product collections (e.g. New products, Alelaari) grow to the size of hundreds of products. In this case, it's hard to find what you're looking for among the products... especially when you're in a hurry and others might be hunting for the same treasures😬

Filtering products helps you find them

In all collections (e.g. New products, Alelaari) it is possible to filter products based on different characteristics. Attached is a picture of the filters at the time of writing this guide.

All online store filters

On a mobile device, filters can be found at the top of the product listing under Filtering and sorting

All filters mobile

One of the most useful filters is Availability information. In this way, you can remove all sold-out products from the list and make browsing much easier. In this way, you won't be saddened by the finds that got out of hand😄

Availability filter

There are sometimes a lot of sold-out products on the lists (the products are removed from the lists automatically within 5 days).

Other useful filters

It is good to know about the filters that their content changes depending on the products in that listing. If there are e.g. no yarns in the listing, no yarn types will be found under the Product type filter. Another good example is the Newspaper name filter. If the listing you selected (e.g. All fabrics) does not contain any leaves, the entire filter disappears from view.

Product type - Each product is marked under one product type (e.g. flannels, springs, alpaca yarns). You can select several product types and thus exclude those that do not interest you.

product type filter

Did you notice that the number after the product type tells you how many products are available in the store?

Name of the magazine - At the time of writing, about 300 magazines are on sale in Kässä Kirpu. Browsing and finding them can be a pain. With the journal name filter, you can search for only certain journals and filter out the extra ones.

magazine name filter

Fabric width, Fabric length - With these filters, you can easily cut out fabrics that are too small (or too large) and find a fabric that fits your needs more easily.

fabric length filter

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We constantly strive to develop the online store and make it easier for you customers to use. Can you think of a filter that would make it easier to find products? We also gladly accept other development proposals.

If you want more similar instructions, leave a comment below or send an email to kaskaspalvelu@kassakirppu.fi.

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