Kierrätys ja itse tehty pikamuoti

Recycling and self-made fast fashion

What can one garment mean! What if EVERY garment or accessory I made was made with equal care and consideration?

The discussion in Käsäsome coincided with the opening of Kässä Kirpu. On Insta, I have mentioned a few social media influencers whose updates and tube videos I have followed. In the discussions, the ecology of craft hobbies and consumer practices were brought up. In particular, the term "self-made fast fashion" made me think even more carefully about the design of my own knitting and sewing works and how to make them just right.

In my ideal world, there would be no need for Kässe Kirpu. Is it worth saying it out loud... 😅 But the real thing, at least in my case, is that sometimes there are impulse buys. Sometimes the craft supplies bought stay in the cupboard because there was no time. Sometimes you have to buy just because it looks so nice, but then it wasn't really your thing. Often there is a plan, but it has time to change or be forgotten before there is time to do all those crafts.

My dream would be that I wouldn't actually have stocks at home or waiting for the next project... But what if the wonderful thread/fabric that should become the next project runs out and you're left without it?!? At least that's what the voice in my head is asking. I think a good technique is that if you still remember the thing you want the next day and you really still want to buy it... Oh, buy it. Quite often I don't want it anymore or it really can't be found in the store anymore. And this thing bothers me less and less, less and less I want something from fabric or yarn the next day. Although nowadays I dream more about good tools. Swamp there waddle here 😄

Going through my accessories was the decision to go through the things in the whole home, which also started with a challenge I came across on insta. However, on the first day I had already collected stuff for the whole challenge to take to the trash, recycling and the flea market! Throughout August, however, I have continued to reduce little by little and have also moved on to my craft stocks. With practice, it has become easier to distinguish between the absolute treasures of the warehouses that I cannot give up and those that I can gladly sell at Kässä Kirppuu. I hope the flea will be bought to meet the need and that the creations will be realized sooner rather than later.

The lady in the picture is strongly related to my ideology. She is my lovely spicy goddaughter 💕 But the most important thing for this story... She is wearing a jumpsuit I made. Overalls, for which the fabrics and other accessories have been bought from a Finnish fabric store. Overalls, which have also been used by my own daughters. A jumpsuit that is designed for use and has already fit three girls so far! When I look at the picture, a lot of feelings and thoughts come to mind. About making a jumpsuit and about my own daughters wearing it... And of course about that wonderful toddler! When I got this picture, I wondered what one piece of clothing could mean! What if EVERY garment or accessory I made was made with equal care and consideration?

I have been challenging myself with this question lately. I would like to challenge each of you to do the same and it would be wonderful to hear your thoughts on the matter as well. For the next time, I've planned to publish a recycling-related guide... But it's still a bit exciting. And as I promised, there is a small sale on the store side until the end of next week. Go take a peek, but only buy what you need 😉

- Sofia

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