Sell ​​it yourself instructions

Thank you for deciding to sell your craft supplies at Käsä Kirpu! When you have purchased the Sell it yourself product. The very first thing you need to do is create an account on Käsä Kirpu's Seller Portal. When you create an account on the seller portal, you need your order number. Once you've created an account, we'll try to approve it as soon as possible.

Please complete this step even if you already have an account on the seller portal (you can use the same email and password).

You can log in to the seller portal here (opens in its own window).

When you log in to the Seller Portal for the first time, you can change the language to Finnish from the left sub-menu. Some of the translations are mechanically (i.e. weakly) translated and we apologize for the situation. We are trying to improve it.

    Seller portal - Adding your own products

    Please check the up-to-date list of products accepted for sale here .

    Select PRODUCTS from the Seller Portal menu. Here you can see a listing of your products and you can add new products.

    Select the item: +CREATE NEW PRODUCT and fill in the following items:

    • Title : This is the name of the product. You should put a suitable combination of the following information in the product name: product manufacturer/brand, quality, color/pattern name, material, magazine name and issue, book authors and name. The name of the product immediately tells the buyer what you are selling. You can see examples of product naming in the Kässä Kirpu online store.
    • Description : In this section, provide the essential information about the product
      • Fabrics : Exact dimensions of the fabric (e.g. Length 120cm, full width approx. 150 cm) , manufacturer, name of the pattern, material of the fabric (e.g. non-stretch cotton fabric, tricot, elastic sweatshirt, etc.), whether the fabric has been washed and, if so, with which detergent (unscented or No). NOTE! If the fabric is full-width and at least 3.5 m long, the fabric can be sold as a so-called sold by the meter. In this case, set the price for a piece of fabric 0.5m long and set the quantity of the product as how many pieces of fabric are available (e.g. 3m = 6x0.5m = 6 pcs). Remember to leave room for cutting!
      • Threads : Manufacturer, thread name, color name, thread material, thread composition, needle recommendation, thread strength and density information (10x10cm = 16 s / 28 rows).
      • Books : Authors of the book and information about what the book contains.
      • Magazines : You can provide general information about the magazine (can also be found on e.g. the printer's website).
    • Images : Download product images. Square-shaped images are best displayed in our online store, i.e. the image ratio should be 1:1. In most cameras and smartphones, the aspect ratio can be adjusted in the settings. Good product images are of great importance in terms of sales. It is good to choose a light/gray monochrome background for the background of the pictures. It is good to photograph fabrics in such a way that the background is not visible at all, but the fabric fills the entire image area. Also the so-called it's good to take a measuring tape photo of patterned fabrics. Use adequate lighting and prefer natural light if possible. In Käs Kirpu's online store, it is good to look at the model in the product images.
    • Product type : Choose the most suitable option from the drop-down menu.
    • Tags : Choose the most appropriate option from the drop-down menu
    • Variants : If there are several different variations of the same product (e.g. different colors), you can make several variations for the same product. If this seems inconvenient, you can also add the products as separate products.
    • Price : See below for tips on product pricing
    • Barcode : If it is a book, you can enter the book's barcode number (ISBN)
    • Continue selling when out of stock : DO NOT CROSS THIS POINT
    • Quantity : Quantity of the product in question
    • NOTE! Finally, remember to save the changes in the section SAVE

    Operating instructions after you have added the products

    • Mail your product to us. When you use the mailing code we give you, you don't have to pay for shipping. Please note that the mailing code is only valid for 14 days.
    • We check the products and add them to the sale. All products sold in our service must be clean, odorless, intact and spotless. We reserve the right to reject dirty, broken or smelly products.
    • When your product has been added to the sale, you will receive a confirmation message from us. Keep your fingers crossed and follow the sale through the seller portal :)

    Tips for product pricing

    Pricing used products can often be challenging. You can use the following facts to help you determine the prices of the products:

    • Condition and quality of the product: Is the product, for example, pre-washed. Has the craft accessory been used or is it in the original package? Does the product show signs of use? Is the product of good quality?
    • General price level: How much is asked for similar products at flea markets? You can also compare prices at Käsä Kirpu.
    • Seasons: For example, merino wool works better in autumn/winter and silk yarns in spring.
    • Original price: You can calculate a suitable price by comparing it with the original price. According to our experience, the selling price of a used one can be a maximum of 30-40% of the original price, for new / unused 50-90%.
    • Your knowledge: Think about how much you yourself would be willing to pay for a similar product.

    Did the pricing go wrong? No worries, our system automatically drops the price by 20% every four to five weeks and guarantees a marketable price for your products. The price of the product is calculated a maximum of two times.

    Example: The original selling price of the product in Käsä Kirpu is €10. After five weeks of sales have passed, we set the price to €8 (-20% of the original). When a total of nine weeks of sales have passed, we set the price to €6 (-40% of the original).

    The sales period for the products is 13 weeks, after which we will contact you.