Kantisohjelma starttaa 2023!

The Kantis program starts in 2023!

Kässe Kirpu is starting to have quite a lot of so-called regular customers. It is absolutely wonderful to find that the service has been liked and that you come back again and again to search and find treasures. For some time now, we have been thinking about how we would utilize the resources we get from our regular customers and at the same time give something back to your returning customers. Attached is a bit of Kässä Kirppu's reflection on the background of the foundation of the kantis program. Feel free to get in touch or comment on the publication if you want to share your opinion about the loyalty program.

Loyalty is always a two-way deal

We are all familiar with the various cashier programs, at least through the bonus advantage cards of store chains. In regular customers, barter is usually done, the purpose of which would be to please both parties. Of course, it doesn't suit everyone and we naturally serve all our customers equally.


In the trade-in that Kirpu offers, we get a familiar, loyal customer who doesn't fall off the ride immediately after the first bumps, but stays on the journey and dares to tell us when things have been successful and what should be improved. So we get returning customers and hopefully also hear their opinions.

You, on the other hand, will receive as good a service as we can possibly give, and on top of that some special offers and benefits.

Ease, simplicity and transparency

When we started researching possible loyalty programs, we came across all kinds of point collection programs. In these, the customer was often asked to do some kind of circus tricks to collect points, which can then be used as money when placing orders. This seemed somehow artificial and complicated to us.

Käsä Kirpu's customer benefit program aims to be easy, simple and clear. Are you Flea , Stock Flea or VIP Flea ?

Here you can find instructions for our three-step customer benefit program.

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