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THREE tips for better sales with the Sell Yourself model

This article was written for Sell Myself sellers.

There are a few important tips for Kässä Kirppu myi sellers to promote sales in the following blog post.

1. Good pictures

Buyers see the product's image and title first. In the online store, you can't detail the products, so the pictures are of the utmost importance! Pictures can say more than a thousand words about the quality of the fabric, the brand of the thread or the condition of the book.

So how can you take good pictures?

Here are a few easy tips. The cell phone camera works really well! And you rarely need to edit the pictures afterwards if you do the preliminary work well.

  1. Check the camera/phone settings that you are taking square (1:1) pictures.
  2. Take the photos in natural light, for example by the window, but beware of direct sunlight.
  3. Remember to turn off the ceiling light.
  4. Photograph on a light background.
  5. Take several pictures, e.g. of fabrics, it's fine to take 3-4 pictures. I would also like to have a few pictures of the threads. It is good to see the name of the yarn, color and lot on the belt.
P.S. When photographing yarns, it is good to take a picture of a single skein if you are selling skeins individually. Otherwise, the buyer may think that he will get more at once!

Which of the pictures were taken with a tripod and which with a cell phone?

2. Clear heading

A clear title tells exactly what you are selling. The buyer does not have to guess what he will get.

A good title also tells the original manufacturer of the product or the place of purchase, if it is known. It is easier for the buyer to find what they are looking for and of course the origin affects the willingness to buy and the pricing.

Käsä Kirpu has a few phrases for this use, for example on the fabrics Pala and Mittamyint. In the threads, you can find e.g. of the word Yarn bag.

A good title also helps in the packaging of shipments! For example, the thread color number in the title makes it easier to identify the product during the collection phase.

3. Descriptive texts

The title and images are complemented by a small piece of text that describes the product and its intended use.

How does the fabric feel? Is it thick or thin? Does it land well? Would it be possible to know the manufacturing material and intended use? Please check that you have also indicated the dimensions of the fabric 😉

What is the thread made of? How does it feel? What sticks are recommended? Is there information about possible uses?

What kind of instructions can be found in a book or magazine? What sizes does it cover? What condition is the book or magazine in?

The more questions you can answer in the text and give information to the customer, the more sure your product will be sold!

P.S. Pricing 💰

Of course, as a last resort, you have to remember to look at the pricing! You are selling a mostly unused or very little used product, but only a limited quantity. What was the original price? How much would you be willing to pay at a flea market for the same product? Is the product potentially popular?

When you have carefully thought these things out, you can calmly wait for your sales revenue!

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