Sala-Design - Paper sewing patterns

  • Paper formulas are delivered by mail.
  • The paper formulas are printed on a large sheet and do not need to be taped.
  • Efforts have been made to place the parts of the formula on the sheet so that they are not on top of each other. To save paper and the environment, large parts of the formula may be on top of each other.
  • The pattern sheets are black and white.

Along with the formula sheet, you will get printed:

  • Size chart for body measurements to make size selection easier
  • Detailed sewing instructions for versions made with different patterns. Some of the models have illustrated instructions for sewing pockets, for example.
  • Cutting plans for different versions of the model.
  • The fabric and accessories went together.

Sala-Design's patterns are only intended for personal use or as a gift. All commercial use, copying and distribution of the formula is prohibited.